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NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW: Police Did Not Follow Policy When they Used Mace and Baton to Beat HAKA Dancers 11/11/2011 - We expect those in positions of power and public trust to use their powers responsibly. On October 20, 2011, police officers of the Roosevelt Police Department in Roosevelt, Utah, abused their power when they unlawfully and without provocation used mace and a baton to beat individuals who were performing a traditional Polynesian dance number, the HAKA, in tribute to family members who played for the Union High School football team. The police would have gotten away with their unlawful conduct if it wasn't for a spectator who video?taped the beating on her camera. This same spectator's 5 year old son suffered injuries as the result of the unlawful actions of the Roosevelt Police officers. The report issued by the Roosevelt Police department stating that the officers that used mace and baton to beat HAKA dancers was within policy is CONTRADICTED by the happenings and statements recorded on video and as witnessed by spectators. Clearly, police officers are taxed with a difficult duty. Keeping the peace is not an easy job, but that does not mean that law enforcers can abuse their authority and cause injury in the process. A free society cannot and should not abide a culture of lawlessness by police. Local officials and police agencies must follow the rules and treat citizens with respect regardless of the color of their skin. The individuals that were subjected to this unconstitutional conduct have hired REZA ATHARI & LUI, PLLC, to represent them. A lawsuit will be filed shortly.

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